Brand building

Speak to your ideal clients with a distinctive and cohesive visual voice

The best kind of branding communicates personality, tone and that oh-so-hard-to-pin-down ‘essence’ of your business. It evokes memories, experiences and emotions. It engages people with your process and vision.

In short, it makes people choose you.

I’ve been building brands for 20 years, both in-house as agency Head of Creative and as a freelancer. I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t. I’ve managed to hold onto my sense of curiosity and I’m still excited by the prospect of a blank page.

When I work with clients on establishing or reinventing their business’ brand identity, it begins with a conversation. We’ll talk about your ideas, however vague they might be, and from there we establish exactly what you need and want.

I can work with you on long-term projects or provide an entry level branding package, except ‘package’ is probably misleading: everything is customised to your and your business needs.

Your business is your business – one size simply doesn’t fit all.