Creative Direction

Everything from creative concept through to a detailed execution strategy

As Head of Creative at a leading Brighton agency and as a freelancer, I’ve worked in creative direction on projects across a range of different media. If you’re planning an event, a promotional film, a social media campaign or something else, it’s likely I can help you put your own distinct, cohesive stamp on things.

You might already have a brief for me to work with – that’s great. If you don’t, I can help you to devise a creative concept from scratch and then plan and develop a clear execution strategy.

From your project’s big picture – the overarching theme, symbolism, metaphors and message – to the overall aesthetic – the colour palette and the fonts, for example – right down to the tiniest, most intricate of details, I’ll deliver a concept that’s striking, engaging and memorable. You can see some examples of work here.

As always, it starts with a conversation. Let’s talk.