Art direction


Video credits:

Director: Sébastien Kühne
Co-Director: Maya Varenka Kovats
Writer: Sébastien Kühne, Maya Varenka Kovats
Art Director: Annina Diston
Color Artist: Fabian Oefner
Director of Photography: Daniel Kunz
Editing: Sébastien Kühne
Post-Production: Chemicalbox, Mario Buholzer

Plasma Video Shoot
Plasma Video Shoot
Plasma Video Shoot
Plasma Video Shoot Fabian Oefner

Universal Music Switzerland wanted a strong visual identity for new pop band Plasma.


We went with a concept which was heavily influenced by the band’s love of sci-fi and the work of colour artist Fabian Oefner.


I directed everything from the album artwork through to press shots and styling, as well as doing the creative direction and storyboarding for two full music videos.

Plasma Band Shot
Plasma Band Shot